Based out of New York, BLTNRADIO is a passion-project turned internet radio station for various musical tastes. 

With a focus on lesser-known music gems and rare edits, we spin everything from Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Dub, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, & all sub-genres of House.

Tune in Wednesdays @ 7PM EST to indulge in audible treats by clicking the  on the logo below while live On-Air!

Weekly Music Eargasm

Wednesdays @ 7PM EST

Every Wednesday the Weekly Music Eargasm will air live featuring one of the many genres described above, and alternate on subsequent weeks.  The last Wednesday of the month will be a musical reflection on the body of work from respected artists & producers throughout time. 


Also there may be bonus shows scheduled between each Wednesday Weekly Music Eargasm.  Each planned upcoming show will be posted here.  Subscribe at the bottom to stay looped in!


While ON-AIR, tune in by clicking the button at the top.  A collection of 100+ recorded mixes & live shows can be found below, listed by date in descending order.  So put on a set of  🎧 'n jam out!

With focus on lesser-known musical gems, there’s always something new to discover when you listen to BLTNRADIO.  So if you need a break from today's musical norm or need an outlet for getting refreshingly good music, be sure to tune in!  


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